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Zelda - Bareeda Naag, The Ancient Rito Song and Cannon trial solutions in Breath of the Wild

How to find and beat Bareeda Naag, The Ancient Rito Song and Cannon trials.

Bareeda Naag is one of the many shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Found in the Tebantha region, it is accessible once you have completed the The Ancient Rito Song shrine quest, and features the Cannon trial.

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Finding Bareeda Naag and completing The Ancient Rito Song

Before you can attempt this Shrine or Shrine quest, you must have completed the Rito Divine Beast dungeon Vah Medoh. You will also want to bring some Fire Arrows with you.

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Once you have, you need to talk to Bedoli in Rito Village, who we found on the next 'landing pad' on from the Shrine inside the village. Doing so will teach you verses of a song. The next optional step is the find the sister, Laissa, who we found in the building next to the shrine.


Tell her the following lines of the poem...

  1. The pride of the Rito
  2. Pillar in the sky
  3. Its heart lights up
  4. When the sun is high

...to learn the final part of the poem: "The heart shines upon a path not whole, but a warming flame can stir its soul."

What does this tell us? You need to find a pillar with a heart, and when the sun passes through it, you must use a flame to activate the shrine. To find it, glide south from Rito Village, where you'll find a Shrine pedestal on the ground near a cliff edge.

If you look back at Rito Village from this angle, you'll see a heart shaped hole near the top:

Fast forward to midday (create a camp by dropping Wood then lighting it with a Flint or Fire Arrow) where shortly after, the pedestal will glow as the sun passes by the heart-shaped hole. Strike the pedestal with a Fire Arrow, and the shrine will appear nearby.

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Bareeda Naag and Cannon trial solution

First, get the optional chest by blowing up the wall to the right of where you begin, giving you a Falcon Bow.

To complete the shrine, load a round Bomb into the central cannon, and detonate it at the central target while the platforms aren't in the way.

There is some timing involved - there is a slight delay in when the bomb will fire, so take that into account - and there will be an opening when the platforms are to the sides.

If you are struggling, then simply firing over and over until it lands should work, as you have unlimited attempts to get this right.

Once done, the door will open the way to the altar. However, you can also move to another room with an optional cannon, this time seeing the platforms and the target moving.

The easiest way to do this is to ignore the platforms, and fire whenever the target is in the centre, as you'll naturally happen upon a window where the bomb will sail through quickly enough.

Once done, you'll gain access to a chest containing a diamond. Head back now to the altar to collect your Spirit Orb.

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