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You can ring bells in Destiny: Rise of Iron's new social hub

Peak your interest?

Destiny: Rise of Iron boasts a brand new social hub, set atop Felwinter Peak, a snowy monastery-esque location where you can hang out with wolves, pretend you're an Iron Lord and ring a set of bells found within the area.

Felwinter Peak looks like the most visually-impressive social space yet, perhaps a happy side effect of Destiny finally ditching PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions for the next expansion.

The area is fully explored in a new Game Informer video which details some of the features of the hub. As well as the usual attractions of the Cryptarch, bounty, and Eververse shops, there are numerous extras which provide nods to the in-game Iron Lords' lore.

There are the wolves and the Ironwood tree, for example, which have previously featured in Iron Banner emblems and armour. There are huge statues of each dead Iron Lord, with fires which can be lit when you obtain their relic - each of which grant powerful new gameplay modifiers.

And there are the bells, which apparently do something when struck in a particular order. Mysterious.

Felwinter Peak is the new home of Iron Banner, which will move from its usual monthly home in the rear section of the Tower.

The new hub will also offer up views over the Plaguelands, Rise of Iron's new Earthbound area which borders on the Cosmodrome. It's here that the expansion's action will take place, as you fight against a powerful, infected form of Fallen.

We'll have more on Rise of Iron next week at Gamescom. Until then, you can keep busy with Destiny's latest event, which we uncover in our Destiny: Moments of Triumph guide.