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Destiny's Rise of Iron officially unveiled, new location detailed

UPDATE: All players get to forge a new Gjallarhorn.

Bungie formally unveiled this year's big Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, this evening. It costs £24.99 and launches on 20th September.

Many of the details had already been revealed - thanks to several leaks over the past few days.

If you've missed the news, Rise of Iron will launch only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - not PS3 and Xbox 360, they're being left behind.

The Plaguelands, a new playable area set beyond Earth's Cosmodrome wall, will host a new raid, strike and story missions, along with a large new patrol area. The Iron Banner's Lord Saladbar will direct the action, as you go up against a new set of infected Fallen enemies and try to find out what happened to the rest of the Iron Lords.

Oh, and there's a pre-order offer too - put your money down in advance and you'll get a revamped version of the Gjallarhorn, Destiny's most famous weapon.

The stream at least clarified that all players will get a Gjallarhorn during an in-game quest. Only pre-order purchasers will get the special black-coloured Iron Gjallarhorn version.

Other new information included areas within The Plaguelands we'll get to visit, including the snow-capped Felwinter's Peak where the Iron Lords were once based. Players will also get to wield a flaming axe (not a hammer) during a specific mission. It's sadly not a new heavy weapon type.

Watch the official reveal trailer below:

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