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You can now fight Alien's Xenomorph Queen in Monster Hunter World

Thanks to an enterprising PC modder.

Tired of battering your way through the same old behemoths in Monster Hunter World? Fancy a tougher challenge? Well now, thanks to an enterprising modder, you can take on "the perfect organism", the Alien franchise's Xenomorph Queen.

This fearsome addition to Monster Hunter World's already ferocious menagerie is the work of PC modder UberGrainy (as spotted by dsogaming) and is actually a model replacement for Elder Dragon Xeno'jiiva, the final boss of World's story mode. And while the changes are almost exclusively cosmetic, it's undoubtedly an excellent fit - as you can at the 52-second mark below.

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PC players wishing to inject Alien's iconic drooling phallus into their game will, given Monster Hunter World's lack of official mod support on Steam, need to roll up their sleeves and perform a handful of manual steps to get it working. Lucky, installing the Xenomorph mod is no more complicated than downloading then copying a couple of files into the Monster Hunter World directory. Full instructions can be found on NexusMods.

The Xenomorph mod is, perhaps surprisingly, one of only a few creature replacement mods currently available for Monster Hunter World on PC - although species retextures do appear to be a little more common. It is, however, possible to replace Nergigante with Thomas the Tank Engine (also thanks to UberGrainy), which, let's be honest, will be a tough one to top.

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