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You can build your own botanical garden in Anno 1800's latest DLC expansion

Out now on PC.

Ubisoft's acclaimed Industrial-Revolution-era city-builder Anno 1800 is rolling up its greensleeves and getting ready to turn over a new leaf, thanks to its horticulturally themed second paid DLC, Botanica, which arrives today on PC.

Botanica, as its name heavily suggest, adds a new cultural building project to the world of Anno, this time in the form of the botanical garden, drawing tourists and increasing your city's attractiveness. Rather than being a simple one-and-done buildings to slap down in the middle of a map, however, botanical gardens are sprawling, heavily customisable creations.

So that you might fashion the floral paradise of your dreams, the Botanica DLC features over 21 unique botanical modules, one glasshouse module, 11 new ornaments - including flower beds and topiaries (usable with all cultural buildings), plus a range of new plants. There's also a new Musical Pavilion featuring tracks from previous Anno games.

Cover image for YouTube videoAnno 1800: Botanica DLC Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Botanica, which follows on from July's Sunken Treasures DLC, can be purchased individually for £6.69 or as part of the £20.99 Anno 1800 Season Pass. A third DLC, the Arctic-themed The Passage, will arrive at a later date.

Today also sees the release of Anno 1800's free Game Update 5 adding, among other things, a dynamic day-night cycle.