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Splendid city builder Anno 1800 is having a free weekend to celebrate third season of DLC

Docklands update out today.

Anno 1800, Ubisoft's superb Industrial-Revolution-era city builder, is getting a third season of paid DLC starting today, 23rd February, and to celebrate, the game is free to try this weekend.

Anno's free weekend starts this Thursday, 25th February, and runs until Monday, 1st March, during which time players can put the excellent base game through its paces on PC.

Those appropriately smitten will be able to purchase the full experience at a discounted price, with the Standard Edition costing £24.99 (a 50% saving) and the Gold Edition Year 3 (which includes the base game, deluxe pack, and third season pass) reduced by 35% to £43.54. Finally, the Complete Edition Year 3 (which features the base game, deluxe pack, and all three currently released season passes) is 25% off at £68.99.


Anno 1800's third season pass will grant access to three major updates over the coming months, the first of which, Docklands, is out today. This introduces the ability to build modular warehouse districts, turning cities into global trade hubs.

Additionally, new export contracts enable players to specialise their economy and export certain goods, while a new NPC, Captain Tobias Morris, serves as the link to companies around the world, providing assistance to fledging traders as they strive to become market leaders.

Docklands' launch is accompanied by a free update for all players, adding improvements to the trade route menu, new open water buildings and quay streets, plus a selection of cosmetic DLC ornaments, increasing a city's attractiveness.

Season Pass 3 (which costs £16.99) will also bring a new tourism mechanic this spring, as part of the Tourist Season update, and cities of modular skyscrapers in this summer's The High Life.