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Anno 1800's fourth season of DLC promises airplanes, agricultural revolution, and more

First DLC arriving 12th April.

Acclaimed Industrial-Revolution-era city builder Anno 1800 has enjoyed significant success since its release in 2019 - having surpassed more than 2m players at last count - and Ubisoft is capitalising on its continuing popularity with a fourth season of DLC. That much we already knew, but now the publisher has provided early details of Season 4 - which will include the likes of airplanes and agricultural revolution - revealing its first DLC will arrive on 12th April.

As outlined in Ubisoft's new introductory video, Anno 1800's fourth season will introduce a total of three new paid DLCs before 2022 is through, with its first offering being titled Seeds of Change. Arriving on 12th April, this will enable players to "revolutionise" the agricultural sector of the New World, introducing a powerful new building - the Hacienda - that will become the agricultural hub of players' empires.

Expanding the Hacienda with its various modules will enable players to gain access to a range of new agriculture-centric features, including the ability to produce import goods in the New World (such as beer) in order to help the population become more independent. Additionally, players will be able to adopt island-wide policies and produce high-quality fertiliser to boost farms in both the New and Old Worlds.

Anno 1800 - Season 4 Pass Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Next up is second DLC Empire of the Skies, which is due to launch some time this summer. As its name suggests, Empire of the Skies will usher in the Age of Airships for Anno 1800, giving players the ability to build a variety of specialised aircraft using the latest construction materials from the New World. These in turn will introduce new ways for players to optimise their logistical networks by, for example, transferring goods and workers between islands using the new transportation. Additionally, a new mail system is promised, and players will need to grapple with expanded tactical planning options as they vie for aerial dominance.

Anno 1800's fourth year of DLC comes to a close "toward the end of the year" with New World Rising. This final DLC is said to focus on the industrial and economic boom of the New World, enabling residents to "embrace their cultural roots and welcome a new population tier". Other incoming features include the availability of new building space on newly spotted islands, and the option to build "colourful, thriving cities" in the New World as expansion continues, complete with an "iconic" monuments.

Season pass purchasers will also get three new bonus monuments.

Each of the above will be accompanied by more scenarios bringing "new challenges and adventures" (the first of these will be titled Seasons of Silver), plus free updates for all players, promising smaller-scale features and quality of life improvements. In the latter instance, expect to see the likes of orchard trees to expand Anno 1800's beautification options, new groupings for better ship organisation, plus traders giving a "friendly reminder" of items you already own to prevent accidental duplicate purchases.

Anno 1800's Season 4 DLC offerings will be available to purchase individually or as part of a season pass costing €24.99/$24.99 USD. Season pass purchasers will also receive three monuments tying into the themes of Season 4's upcoming DLC - the Ornamental Fountain, the Airship Monument, and the Splendid Gateway - with all three being available from 12th April.

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