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Yooka-Laylee Quiz answers for Dr Quack's Quiz Time

Here's how to cheat the tests the evil side-kick gives you.

Yooka-Layee's Quiz Answers for the Dr Quack Quiz can be one of the more tricky parts of the game if you haven't been exploring thoroughly (or simply not paying attention to your surroundings).

There are several in the game, and see evil sidekick Dr Quack halt your progress unless you win his game show. Guess 10 questions correctly (or less if you have a chain of correct answers to help you jump ahead) and you can pass.

However, get three wrong will see you start over, so having access to quiz answers will help a great deal - which is where this article comes in.

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How Yooka Laylee's Quiz works

Each round you across between every other world will be based on the previous areas and characters you've come up against. Questions are also thrown at you in a random order.

Note there are also questions that are specific to your playthrough - how many Pagies or Quills you collected overall or in a specific area, your playtime, and so on, so it's worth looking through your progress screen before playing as a refresher.


If you get correct two in a row, you'll skip a hexagon tile to get you closer to the end. If you get all three wrong, the quiz simply resets - no real penalty beyond your time, so feel free to make as many mistakes as you like along the way.

First round of quiz answers for Dr Quack's Quiz Time

You'll encounter these questions on the way to World 2.

That crumbling sea ship you call home... what flies from the mast? Pants.

The picture... where was it taken? Rampo's Temple.

The ridiciulous, fishbowl freak Dr. Puzz... what is her first transformation? A plant.

The Knights of Hamalot... which one rides a pathetic horse? Lady Leap-A-Lot.

The character... who is it? Clara.

The ridiculous cloud, Nimble... where can she be found in Tribalstack Tropics? By the riverbed.

Hivory Towers' hard working employees... which did you cruelly defeat first? Corplet.

The deceitful salesman Trowzer... how many Quills does he require for his very first move? 0.

Those bogus butterfly boosters... how many have you stolen so far? Depends on the player, but we think the maximum at this point is 2!

The Tribalstack Temple... who lives inside? The Duke.

The picture... where was it taken? Tribal Village.

Underneath the Triblestack Tropics entrance... what colour is the ghost writer? Yellow.

Tribalstack Tropics... How many pagies were required to unlock it? 1.

The disappointing monument boss, Rampo... what does he hate? Door-to-door salesman.

The irrelevant dinosaur, Rextro... which token does he seek? Play Coin.

Second round of quiz answers for Dr Quack's Quiz Time

You'll encounter these questions between Worlds 3 and 4.

Glitterglaze Glacier's useless snowmen... How many are there? 5.

Retrox's Stinky Arcade... how any playable game units does it house? 8.

The character... Who is it? Planker.

Moodymaze Marsh's rusty trolleys... which one wears a stupid hat? Wally.

The picture... where was it taken? Rextro's Arcade.

This quiz... How many hexagons are on the board? 10.

This picture... where was it taken? Igloo Village.

Rextro's ridiculous arcade... which of these is not a game it holds? Blasto Bowling.

The terrifying bottle-dispenser Vendi... how many total tonics does she wield? 16.

This picture... Where was it taken? Under the Palace.

That horribly designer character, Clara... what does need you to save on Glitterglaze Glacer? Her pot.

The ridiculous freak Dr. Puzz.. What is her second transformation? Snow plough.

Your health meter... how many Butterflies did you start with? 6.

How many wheels do I have? 3.

The character... who is it? Ollie.

The Moodymarsh trolley with the stupid hat - what business does he own? Farmer's Market Stall.

Trowzer's mushroom shelter... what colour is it? Yellow.

Need more help? Our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough explains how the retro-styled platformer works and how to defeat each boss. If you're after collectables, here's where to find all Mollycool locations, Ghost Writer locations, Play Coin locations, Butterfly Booster locations, Power Extender locations and where to find the secret Pirate Treasure locations. Meanwhile, our complete list of quiz answers will help you outsmart Dr Quack.

Third round of quiz answers for Dr Quack's Quiz Time

You'll encounter these questions just before the final boss.

This adventure's dubby-duos... which is the greatest of them all? Amazing Capital B and Dr. Quack.

Capital Cashino.. Whose status adorn the central fountain? Corplets.

The picture... which world does it show? Moodymaze Marsh.

The Hivory Towers hub... how many Pagies have you illegally stolen from it? (Depends! There is a maximum of 20.)

The world with the gambling games... what is it's correct name? Capital Cashino.

Trowser's pathetic Camo Cloak move... what does it do? Make Yooka invisible.

Galleon galaxy.. How many Pagies did you need to unlock it? 12.

Capital B's office entrance.. How many gold statues are outside? 2.

The picture... which world does it show? Capital Cashino.

Capital B and Yooka... Who would win in a fight? Incredible Capital B.

The stinky Galleon Galaxy tavern.. Who's locked behind bars? A Pagie.

The picture... which world does it show? Galleon Galaxy.

Galleon Galaxy... Who's lost at sea? Dr. Puzz.

Quills (legal property of Hivory Towers)... how many do you have in total? (Depends, but 1010 is the maximum).

Pagies (legal property of Hivory Towers)... how many do you have in total? (Depends, but 145 is the maximum).

The ridiculous Reptilia, Textro... what colour are his shoes? He doesn't wear shoes.

The picture... which world does it show? Tribalstack Topics.

In Capital Cashino, what can you exchange for Pagies? Casino Tokens.

Those bogus Butterfly Boosters... how many have you stolen so far? (Depends! Max of 6.)

How long has it taken you to get this far? (Depends!)

The crook salesman, Trowser... what was the first move he taught you? Tail Twirl.

Capital Cashino.. How many tiles are there on the tile match game? 16.

The picture... which world does it show? Glitterglaze Glazer.

The fraudulent salesman, Trowser... what does he claim to have named after him? Currency.

This adventure's corporations... which is clearly the best? Hivory Towers.

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