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Yooka-Laylee Ghost Writer locations - where to find the Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Ghosts

Our explainer on how collect the five Ghosts in Yooka-Laylee's various worlds.

In Yooka-Laylee Ghost Writers are one of the key collectibles you'll find. There are five for each world - the Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Ghost Writers - each with a unique means of finding or catching them.

Here, we'll be taking you through their locations, and best practices for catching them - they are tougher than you think!.

If you need more help, then consult our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough for finding Pagies and other collectibles.

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How to catch Ghost Writers in Yooka Laylee

Each Ghost Writer has a different method of catching that remains the same across each individual world:

  • Yellow - These are stationary ghosts that will be collected as soon as you touch them. The easiest of the bunch!
  • Green - Green ghosts will float in a small area, requiring you to give chase and catch it. Be observant and patient, and you'll get it soon enough.
  • Blue - Similar to green, except they are invisible. You can hear when they are nearby; when you do, in a few seconds it should briefly appear. Shoot at it with your Sonar ability and jump at it to catch it - though it could take a few attempts.
  • Pink - These have their mouth wide open, and require 'feeding' before it can be caught. With the Slurp ability, eat a seed - doesn't matter which one, can be ice or explosive - and fire them into its mouth. Once it changes colour, it's ready to be caught.
  • Red - Red requires some quick reflexes. Once you find it, it'll charge at you. Successfully dodge (the key is to keep a short distance) and it'll turn orange. Melee attack when it does. Repeat this until he submits, allowing you to catch it.

Tribalstack Tropics Ghost Writer locations - how to find Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Ghosts in World 1

Yellow Ghost Writer location

Hiding under the platform you enter the world on, that houses the Great Tome. Head to the right of the platform and there's a path that winds down to its hiding place.

Green Ghost Writer location/shout>

On open circular platform to the right after entering the world. Catch it to claim it.

Blue Ghost Writer location

Shoot with sonar ability, located in the clearing under the rocks in the forest area, left of the Temple.

Pink Ghost Writer location

Shoot an ice berry into its mouth using the ability unlocked from Trouzer. Located on a platform left of the entrance.

Red Ghost Writer location/shout>

Requires world expansion. Head left around the large tower, and it's on a circular platform with a couple Corplets on the way to Nimbo the cloud. He attacks you, so jump/dodge his attacks, then hit him when he's stunned to turn him yellow, and repeat until he's catchable.

Glitterglaze Glacier Ghost Writer locations - how to find Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Ghosts in World 2

Yellow Ghost Writer location

Once you have the Slurp State move, head above where Tonic is ahead of where you begin the world, and just before the freezing cave above is a flaming stove where you can eat hot coals and become warm. Continue left and up the ledges to pass through the fire unharmed, where you'll slide behind the wall to the yellow Ghost Writer. Ground pound the button nearby to exit.

Green Ghost Writer location

Head through to the area via the cavern round the corner from Mollycool to warp to the far left end of the stage. There is a river directly ahead, with a bridge - swim past the bridge into the underwater cavern, and you'll find the green Ghost writer on an ice patch inside the cave.

Blue Ghost Writer location

Head to the water where Trowser is, and go left over the platforms along the cliff edge. The platforms stop by some ruins underwater. If you stand above them and look down, you'll hear laughter and the ghost appearing under the water. Go under and use Sonar until it appears.

Pink Ghost Writer - Fee-Dee location

On the towers above where Mollycool is, head up the isolated tower on the left where there's a fork in the path, and it's trapped in glass. You need to use the Sonar 'Splosion move you learn in World 3 to break him loose. Then, use the bomb seeds from the plant in the furthest tower to feed it.

Red Ghost Writer location

Once you have the Slurp State move, head above where Tonic is ahead of where you begin the world, and just before the freezing cave above is a flaming stove where you can eat hot coals and become warm. Head through this cavern and light all the extinguished coals by leaping on to them.

You'll find this ghost on one of the upper platforms. Bait him into attacking you then leap out the way (he doesn't telegraph his attack, so just count two full second and move) and attack while orange to damage. Repeat until defeated.

Moodymaze Marsh Ghost Writer locations - how to find Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Ghosts in World 3

Yellow Ghost Writer location

Hop on the moving logs, between the area that leads to Rextro's Arcade and the area with the Heidee and and the Play Coin, and head down stream. To the right you can jump onto a lily pad and into a small circular clearing with Normie.

Green Ghost Writer location

Inside Swampy Station, accessed via underwater pipe at bottom of water before Retrox's Arcade, that's near Dr. Puzz and DNRay. Head to the small area of water inside Swampy Station's land-based section, and it's in there. Catch it to claim it!

Blue Ghost Writer location

In the area which requires you to use your Lizard Lash ability to hop between platforms, and also houses the Play Coin. It's hiding in a clearing beneath the second to last platform on the Lizard Lash run to the Pagie. Shoot it with sonar to reveal!

Pink Ghost Writer location

Requires expansion. On top of the corrugated metal structure with a Mr Blowy on it. Eat a frozen berry from under the back of the structure, then hop up to the top via the gaps in the side of it. Jump onto the Mr Blowy and you'll see Feedie, but only after expanding the world. Shoot a berry into its mouth to catch it!

Red Ghost Writer location

Go straight ahead from the entrance, and after the Pagie in the trap, turn left and double back on yourself. You'll see it on a wooden platform in front of you.

Capital Cashino Ghost Writer locations - how to find Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Ghosts in World 4

Yellow Ghost Writer location

If you hug the left wall when you enter, going past the starred wallpaper, you'll come to a card-faced building. On the first ledge looking up is the Ghost. It's a little tricky to reach, so it's best to find the Mollycool and fly up there.

Green Ghost Writer location

Head to where Kartos is located in the right corner of the level (to get there, it's easiest to take Mollycool right and up of where you begin) and from there, look towards the centre of the level to see a series of elevated roulette wheels. The Ghost is hovering above them.

Blue Ghost Writer location

Get the level's Mollycool to become a helicopter, and go in the direction straight ahead from where you'd begin the level. On the roof of a structure just before the golf course is a gold box with a slot machine next to it. The Ghost will appear on top of here.

Pink Ghost Writer location

Extend the world, and ahead along the far left wall from where you begin until you find a door with a set of square symbols above it. Shoot at the matching symbols that are to the left using the nearby berries in aiming mode (click in the left stick) to open the door.

What follows is more of these puzzles - find the row of symbols, and shoot at the grid using nearby berries. The next set is on the right, and to make your way to the platform above, shoot at the grid of red blocks using berries to create a path going up (we recommend standing to the side and firing diagonally up to create a set of stairs).

The next room has a set of crates. The ones round the corner hide the next set of symbols, with another wall of red blocks that you can use to get up.

The next one is easier yet - stand above the spinning wheel and shoot the tiles as they come round.

Finally, you'll come to a room with plinths and crates. Shoot all the crates here and below, and you'll find the purple ghost in the corner, as well as the row of symbols. Use the berries by the entrance to feed the ghost and activate the symbols for even more credits.

Red Ghost Writer location

Once you have Extended the world, there is a ramp with cracked glass you can roll into on the far right wall (from where you start, turn right, go to the far corner and turn left, and it's on the right at the end).

These are series of rooms with more smashed glass you can roll into. In the penultimate room is the Red Ghost, which you can easily evade thanks to the wide dance floor around you.

Need more help? Our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough explains how the retro-styled platformer works and how to defeat each boss. If you're after collectables, here's where to find all Mollycool locations, Ghost Writer locations, Play Coin locations, Butterfly Booster locations, Power Extender locations and where to find the secret Pirate Treasure locations. Meanwhile, our complete list of quiz answers will help you outsmart Dr Quack.

Galleon Galaxy Ghost Writer locations - how to find Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink Ghosts in World 5

Yellow Ghost Writer location

From where you begin, above and behind you is a giant round asteroid. Fly up there and make your way in by jumping on the red platform, lowering it past the window.

The Ghost is behind the bar on the left.

Green Ghost Writer location

After extending the world, transform into the boat using the Mollycool and turn right, where there is a round structure far ahead with several blue obstacles in front.

Destroy the right most of these that's slightly offset from the rest, and the green ghost will appear.

Blue Ghost Writer location

Find the Mollycool and transform into the boat. Leave the docks and go straight ahead, where there's a Pagie in an alcove where you have to destroy various spheres using your different elemental attacks. The red structure in the middle has the blue ghost on top of it.

Pink Ghost Writer location

Go round the corner from Trowser at the start of the stage, and there is a cracked window just as you go up the ramp.

Spindash through it, and the ghost is behind the bar as soon as you enter. Use the explosive seeds on the bar to feed it.

Red Ghost Writer location

Extend the world, and go to Black Hole In One, which is to the right of the light house. Inside, you can fly up over the golf course to a room elevated in the centre.

Drop down through the top and the ghost is there. You'll have to fight with a current of air pushing you around, but we didn't find this to be a problem - just run round the ghost as usual, and when you hear and see it move and turn orange, go in for the attack.

Additional reporting by Chris Tapsell.