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Where in the world is Josemonkey?

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Yooka-Laylee Power Extender locations to increase your stamina bar

Roll and fly further each time with these many collectables.

Yooka-Laylee Power Extenders is a useful collectable for those who like to explore, increasing your ability to roll and fly that little bit longer with each one found.

As well as one in each of the five worlds, there's another in the Hivory Towers hub world, that you can more or less get as soon as you begin the game - if you know where to look.

If you need more help, then consult our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough for finding Pagies and other collectibles.

Hivory Towers Power Extender location

In the opening room where the giant gold statue is, climb on top and ground pound through the nose, knocking it off and revealing the Power Extender. It'll also unlock the Petty Vandalism Trophy or Achievement - two for one!

Tribalstack Tropics Power Extender location

Extend the world and head to the giant tower at the far side of the level, and the Power Extender is at the very top. To be more specific, take the various doorways and paths to reach the top, where you'll come to the cannon Blastooie.

To the side is a platform that can take you up further, where the Power Extender awaits.

Glitterglaze Glacier Power Extender location

As soon as you start, go up the ledges behind you and into the cavern, and you'll be standing at the top of the icy slope in Crystaline Cave.

From here you can see the slope splits off to the left, where the Power Extender is, but there will be a gust of wind blocking your path.

To get past it, slide to the bottom as usual, go forward and to the left to find a pot of honey.

Use Slurp State to become sticky, head up the slope again and down the fork to get the Extender.

Moodymaze Marsh Power Extender location

Extend the world, and on the outside corner across from the large body of water is a pumpkin on a higher ledge who tasks you with running an obstacle course under a time limit.

Head up the course as usual, and when you get to the section where you must pull down a block ahead of you with your tongue, look directly behind and up to see a pipe sticking in the air.

The Power Extender sits above that. It might be easier if you have the late-game flight ability to reach it.

Need more help? Our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough explains how the retro-styled platformer works and how to defeat each boss. If you're after collectables, here's where to find all Mollycool locations, Ghost Writer locations, Play Coin locations, Butterfly Booster locations, Power Extender locations and where to find the secret Pirate Treasure locations. Meanwhile, our complete list of quiz answers will help you outsmart Dr Quack.

Capital Cashino Power Extender location

This is not far from the level's Kartos. If you haven't got the Mollycool yet, from where you begin, go straight ahead until the back wall, where there is a golf course above you. Head up, and follow it all the way up until you reach the golf ball at the top.

Take the moving platform nearby to the back wall, glide up the gust of air and the Power Extender is right there.

Galleon Galaxy Power Extender location

Once you have the Mollycool and boat transformation, head round the back of the island the lighthouse is on, and destroy the obstacles, revealing an entrance.

This is filled with red lasers; travel through this room using the Solar Shield ability, and go through the small tunnel on the right and through the spinning room to find a switch that'll disable any more lasers.

The Power Extender is on top of the spinning axis in the previous room.

Don't forget to collect the nearby Pagie too before you leave!

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