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Xbox One back compatibility supports Xbox 360 DLC

Just needs the publisher to allow it.

The Xbox One's backwards compatibility tech will fully support Xbox 360 DLC as well as games, Microsoft has confirmed.

Mass Effect 3 can have its Extended Cut. Which is a good thing.

As with full game titles, publishers simply need to give the thumbs up to Microsoft for add-on content to be available on Xbox One.

Confirmation of this comes via Xbox Support. Eurogamer was previously told by Microsoft exec Kudo Tsunoda that cloud saves and Achievements also carry over.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer later confirmed to us that Xbox 360 multiplayer would also work, so long as the game's publisher had kept servers running.

Microsoft's clever back-compat tech works by emulating a virtual Xbox 360 environment on an Xbox One. Digital titles you already own can simply be redownloaded, while physical games are installed when you insert their disc.

The feature is due to roll-out for all Xbox One owners this autumn but is already available to the growing number of users who are part of the Xbox One preview programme.

More than 100 games will be available at its full launch, with more added every week. Currently, preview members have access to 21 titles, including Viva Piñata, Super Meat Boy and Mass Effect.

No DLC is available at the moment, but the programme is still only a week old. It would be difficult to see a game such as Mass Effect 3 launching without its DLC for example, or the game's Extended Cut, at least.

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