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World of Tanks nears 3 million players

Cup of T-72?

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World of Tanks has more than 2 million registered players in Russia and nearly a million in Europe and North America, has announced.

World of Tanks didn't appear in Europe and North America until 12th April.

It's a pleasant surprise for developer

"At the very beginning of development for World of Tanks, we were assuming that the maximum number would be around 600,000 players worldwide," beamed a happy CEO Victor Kislyi.

"Now we have 2 million registrations in Russia alone, not to mention the Western audience and its immense growth.

World of Tanks is a free-to-play MMO about tanks. You're a tank, one of 60 World War II models, and you and your tank friends work together to blow stuff up - usually other gamers. Is the game powered by the Thomas the Tank engine?

World of Tanks holds the record for the most gamers playing together on one MMO server - 91,311.

Trundle trundle boom.

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