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Your generosity helps War Child Armistice raise over £100,000


Well done, because with your help, charity War Child has raised more than £100,000 to help children caught up in wars.

The War Child Armistice campaign debuted last November supported by four video games: World of Tanks, Verdun, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. They created bespoke content to sell to their communities and raise money for War Child.

Arguably the most elaborate was Verdun's offering, which recreated the famed World War 1 Christmas truce of 1914 on a special winter map. It allowed snowball fights, football matches, carol singing and even sending cards to loved ones. Sales of that map raised more than £17,000.

Cover image for YouTube videoVerdun Christmas Truce – War Child Steam DLC

But the biggest donation came from the game with the biggest community, World of Tanks, which sold emblem packs to raise more than £68,000.

Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution, meanwhile, donated profits to the campaign. Democracy 3 raised over £12,000, and 1979 Revolution over £1000.

Last year I spoke to War Child about the debut Armistice campaign and the chap in charge, Wayne Emanuel, said, "Being able to prove that this concept works this year is really important." I expect he now has the proof he needs.

"Next year we'll see what happens in terms of reaching out to new studios," he added. "We'd love to get more studios involved. We'd love to get EA or Activision or whoever else. The idea is to go bigger."