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World of Tanks European release date

Tank MMO finally launches in the West.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

World of Tanks launches in Europe and North America on 12th April, has announced.

The free-to-play vehicle MMO has been in various stages of closed and open beta testing for nine months.

World of Tanks sees players tear about the battlefield in World War II-era machines. There are destructible environments and upgrades.

"Our team has been working really hard to create a unique blend of action, strategy, simulation and RPG elements in World of Tanks, and now the moment all fans across the globe have been waiting for is right around the corner," said boss Victor Kislyi.

"We are delighted to be finally announcing the release date for this ground-breaking title and invite all veteran players and those new to the game to enjoy tense and uncompromising armoured warfare on World of Tanks battlegrounds."

World of Tanks claims the world record for the most players online simultaneously on one MMO server. The record was set on 23rd January this year, when the number of players on the game's Russian server totalled 91,311.

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