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World of Tanks boasts one million users

Wargaming.net tanks fans.

One million people have registered with free-to-play World War II action MMO World of Tanks.

The registrations are spread across Russia, Europe and America, and the milestone was achieved less than a year after the game launched a closed beta in Russia.

Minsk, Belarus developer Wargaming.net is installing additional European servers to handle the player rush. It plans to "update and polish" in the run up to World of Tanks' "commercialisation" for the Western audience in the first three months of 2011.

"World of Tanks team is grateful to our community for achieving such impressive figures," said CEO Victor Kislyi.

"We would like to thank all the WOT fans for their support. Wargaming.net will continue to work hard on adding new content to the game regularly to guarantee that our community gets maximum fun from playing World of Tanks."

Quintin Smith went hands-on with World of Tanks in August last year.