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Witcher 3 patch 1.11 tackles Skellige's Most Wanted quest at long last

Many nips and tucks to New Game Plus.

Patch 1.11 for The Witcher 3 finally appears to fix the long-running issue some people have been having with the Skellige's Most Wanted quest.

"Fixes issue occasionally preventing players from completing quest titled Skellige's Most Wanted," say the notes, and there are a couple of other related tweaks to the quest too.

Community manager Marcin Momot shared the notes on Twitter moments ago. As to the patch's availability he said, "PC should be out in just a few hours and consoles will be following shortly as well." There's no word on file size.

In general, Patch 1.11 makes quite a lot of changes to Hearts of Stone, DLC, and the main game. New Game Plus crops up regularly, with fixes to things like loot accidentally having a level 70-plus requirement. Bloody how much?

Boss difficulty in Hearts of Stone has been tweaked, and the Ofieri Mage boss no longer falls over when you cast Aard, you sneaky soandso. The game's performance in Oxenfurt Sewers has been improved.

On Xbox One specifically, the game's performance in the Heart of the Woods quest has been improved.

Geralt cosplay shared by The Witcher Twitter account. It's by Oleg Ram, photographed by Ilya Nodia.