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Why the internet is thirsting over that Star Wars Outlaws droid

Grinding gears.

When Star Wars Outlaws was shown at yesterday's Ubisoft Forward, many fell in love with protagonist Kay Vess' companion Nix.

But while Nix is adorable and I've taken to calling him my land axolotl, the character that really caught the internet's attention was a certain droid commando, ND-5. Twitter, Tumblr, I've seen you.

The reactions to ND-5 I've seen are mostly "friends, please don't be horny for the Star Wars droid" or "friends, I am horny for the Star Wars droid". You either get it or you don't. So please, let me at least try to explain why the internet is horny for the Star Wars droid.

The shot of ND-5 at 4:58 has it all.Watch on YouTube

For starters, it doesn't help that ND-5 has physical features of a "conventionally" attractive man. Tall, broad shoulders, large hands and muscular limbs, an almost-six pack. Think your typical male model on the front of a GQ magazine.

ND-5 also has a deep, smooth voice. Paired with his body language - the brooding, the slight hunch of his neck - and the damage to the front of his chestplate, you know this droid's seen some shit. He's grizzled and weathered. He's been in some scraps and he knows how to survive. This droid could definitely protect you if you were ever in danger.

But then there's the itsy-bitsy ant waist. The open trench coat look whilst going commando underneath. The lilting hip sway as he walks, which his drooping gun belt only draws further attention to. He's got strength and sensuality. He's built in all the ways you'd expect a robot to be, and he's not.

My fellow members of the LGBT+ community will immediately understand what I'm about to say. Finding robot characters hot, like thirsting over Lady Dimitrescu (please read Dr Lloyd's piece from Pride Week 2021 because I can't say it better myself) is just one of the ways we're used to looking for identification and representation within media.

And for whatever reasons you find yourself horny for ND-5 over, that's valid. Maybe you like his conventional attractiveness, despite the fact he could never procreate and settle down with you to make a nuclear family. Maybe his bold fashion choices, despite choosing to dress somewhat like the rest of humanity, are a turn on for you. The nonconformity of his design is wonderfully crafted.

Above all, the gameplay trailer shows ND-5 cares about Kay's safety, and also that he's loyal and dependable. "Where do we go next?" he asks. Not a question about Kay's future, but their future together. What a dreamboat.

When ND-5 was revealed yesterday, I was instantly reminded of the heartbreak I went through when I learnt you couldn't romance Nick Valentine in Fallout 4. If romances are a thing in Star Wars Outlaws, I hope Massive Entertainment will learn from Fallout 4's mistakes and let me romance the robot.

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