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While away your Halloween by watching us play horror games

Lone Survivor, Castlevania and Amy (aagghh!) being streamed from 5pm GMT.

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It's Halloween, and quite fittingly I'm a little terrified. The kids of Lewisham aren't dissuaded from acts of random terrorism by a fistful of sweets, so tonight I'm turning the lights off and cowering in a corner hoping they don't come knocking on my door. Fun!

At least I've got Ian's themed Halloween streams tonight to keep me entertained. He's playing through the night (well, until 11pm which is late enough for me), kicking off with the truly horrific Amy at 5pm. From there it's on to slick indie Lone Survivor at 7pm, and then on to Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow - Mirror Of Fate HD (or CLoS:MoHHD to its friends) at 9pm. There'll even be copies of Lone Survivor and Castlevania being handed out tonight (if you're an odd-o and really want a copy of Amy that could possibly be arranged too). All the streams are below, and remember it's probably best not to answer the door tonight.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube

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