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Where's cheapest to buy Dead Space 2?

Oh where to plasma money.

Dead Space 2 lands in the UK today - but where's cheapest to buy it?

Below, Eurogamer cobbles together a list of the cheapest places to find Visceral's new game online. Note that supermarkets may charge different prices in their actual stores where you buy bananas and cat food and things. You also may know of a shop selling the game for even cheaper. If that happens, let us know below.

Dead Space 2 is a terrifying shooter that follows the escapades of heroic spaceship engineer Isaac Clarke who, after saving the day once already - and losing his sanity in the process, is recalled to rid spacestation The Sprawl of ghastly Necromorph monsters.

What did Eurogamer think of Dead Space 2? Simon Parkin awarded it an unmissable 9/10, and wrote: "The game is at its best during the set-piece moments, when you're jumping into zero gravity from one carriage to the next as a train breaks apart, or taking down a roomful of Necromorphs while hanging upside down from the ceiling. A battle against a Tormentor that spills out from the spacestation into the crushing silence of space and back again is effortlessly memorable."

Without further ado, the prices - cheapest presented first:

  • ShopTo: £36.85 (PS3, 360), £27.85 (PC)
  • Zavvi: £37.85 (PS3, 360), £27.85 (PC)
  • Best Buy UK: £37.97 (PS3, 360), £29.97 (PC)
  • Amazon UK: £38.79 (PS3, 360), £24.99 (PC)
  • £38.79 (PS3, 360), £26.99 (PC)
  • Tesco: £38.91 (PS3, 360), £29.70 (PC)
  • ASDA: £39.91 (PS3, 360)
  • GAME: £39.99 (PS3, 360), £29.99 (PC)
  • HMV: £39.99 (PS3, 360), £29.99 (PC)
  • Sainsbury's: £39.99 (PS3, 360)
The first 15 minutes of Dead Space 2. Scared?