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What is Gears of War: Exile?

Could trademark be rumoured Kinect title?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

It looks like Gears of War 3 isn't the only dose of Epic's Xbox 360 franchise currently in the pipeline. A trademark for something called Gears of War: Exile has just popped up too.

No further information is offered by the listing, spotted by Siliconera, other than a logo, which you can see below.

A spokesperson for Epic refused to offer Eurogamer further clarification on what the listing may or may not refer to, explaining, "We have no news to share at this time."

Last month, speculation mounted that Epic was preparing to unveil a new Kinect-friendly Gears title. However, Microsoft allegedly pulled the plug and postponed the reveal at the last minute.

Gears creator Cliff Bleszinski later commented, "One thing I've learned in the world of video games, it's a war out there.

"There's a lot of strategising going on and at any point something may shift due to a strategic move that needs to happen. So I came out here potentially announcing something. It turns out the timing's not right."

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