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Western Digital's SN850 SSD is only £106 at eBay

A storage and speed boost for your PS5 or PC.

There are a lot of exciting games coming out this month; with Overwatch 2 launching today, A Plague Tale: Requiem releasing on the 18th, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 arriving at the end of the month just to name a few, we'll certainly have our hands full.

If you want to enjoy all of the latest games as they roll on through October you'll want to have enough space on your PC or PS5 to download them all so you can flick between each whenever you like. There are lots of great options out there to improve your systems space and load times, like the SN850 SSD from Western Digital.

We love the SN850 here because of its compatibility with both PC and PS5, and its fantastic read speeds of up to 7000 mb/s. Right now there's a great opportunity to get a 1TB SN850 SSD on eBay for just £106 thanks to the code "SPEND15".

WD Black SN850 Heatsink 1TB SSD- £106 with code SPEND15 from technextday eBay

The SN850 is being sold by Technextday, who are a trusted seller on eBay with over 26,000 items sold and a 99 per cent positive feedback rating so you'll be fine ordering from them.

Just add the SSD to your eBay cart and enter the code "SPEND15" at checkout and you'll save 15 per cent on the total. This makes it cheaper than the current Amazon Price, which has a 56 per cent discount, and is one of the lowest prices we've seen the SN850 go for.

One of the best benefits of having an NVMe SSD is that it easily slots into your computer's motherboard, barely taking up any space inside your computer's case while still delivering high performance. Because the SN850 has a heat sink built into it, it is also compatible with the PlayStation 5. There's a handy guide on Digital Foundry explaining Sony's SSD requirements for PS5 and has answers to a lot of other FAQs. You can also read the article we have on Sony's support notes and how to add an SSD into your PS5.

Hopefully this deal saves you some money and gives you plenty of space to play all the new games coming out this month! If you want even more storage, either with a SATA or portable SSD, have a read of Digital Foundry's best SSDs for gaming guide to see what's out there. For more great deals like this, follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account where we're always looking out for discounts and bundles on PC parts, games, consoles, and more.