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Watch Dogs: Legion's upcoming online multiplayer mode gets March release date

Watch the video team cause maximum chaos in brand new gameplay.

Watch Dogs: Legion's long awaited (and much delayed) online multiplayer mode comes out 9th March, Ubisoft has announced.

Players will be able to cause maximum mayhem in teams of four across a variety of multiplayer modes, including open-world co-op and more intense multi-mission based challenges called Tactical Ops.

There will also be the chance to indulge in some PvP combat in the Spiderbot Arena, where up to eight players can recreate their own version of Robot Wars in short deathmatch battles.

Watch on YouTube

You can watch Zoe, Aoife and myself try out all of Watch Dogs: Legion's new online multiplayer modes in the video above, which features 20 minutes of gameplay.

The action starts off in the pub where we sink a few pints before heading off to try out some short co-op missions, which include some terrible attempts at stealth and hacking but also very some excellent yelps and explosions.

This is followed by some open-world mayhem as Zoe decides to troll the inhabitants of London (and her colleagues) by hacking pretty much every car in the city, and an "attempt" at one of the longer Tactical Ops challenges.

The Tactical Ops mode features lengthy, multi-mission based challenges that require a combination of communication and teamwork to pull off. Looking back at the video it's safe to say we used neither of those things...

The final mode we demo in the video is Spiderbot Arena. This is probably the least imaginative of all the modes available, playing like your standard PvP deathmatch. It was a fun throwback to multiplayer of old, but compared to the incompetence-induced hilarity of the co-operative missions, it was certainly the least memorable mode we played.

We'll be taking the full release of Watch Dogs: Legion for a spin in a live stream or two over on our YouTube channel once it releases, so if you enjoyed our incompetence in today's preview, make sure you subscribe to our channel for notifications for all our streams and video uploads.