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Long read: How TikTok's most intriguing geolocator makes a story out of a game

Where in the world is Josemonkey?

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Watch: Our best (and worst) game bugs

The Eurogamer show returns.

Earlier this week you might have seen Wes' post about hitting a potentially game-breaking bug after 91 hours spent playing Fallout 4.

Hearing Wes lament the state of his Fallout 4 save file quickly got us thinking about the best and worst video game glitches we'd ever encountered, which in turn led to us making this episode of the Eurogamer Show about bugs. Hopefully, in turn, this will lead to you pressing play on the video below and giving it a watch. Either way, be sure to let us know your most memorable glitches, good or bad. Have a lovely weekend while you're at it.

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