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Watch: Five real cowboys Red Dead Redemption 2 could learn from

Whiskey business.

If you ignore the lawlessness, the poor irrigation, the ubiquity of dysentery, the backward attitudes on race and oh yes, the abominable treatment of the indigenous population, the wild west was great. Red Dead Redemption was my game of the last generation and I am very much looking forward to revisiting that world when the sequel launches next year.

While the reveal trailer was pretty scant on detail, it nonetheless got me wondering about the characters we might encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2. With nothing substantial to go on, I looked to history for inspiration and rounded up a posse of five real life legends of the west from whom Rockstar could easily learn a thing or two.

Watch on YouTube

Watch the video above for gamblers, ramblers and the outlaw who killed a man for snoring. I've tried to pick some cowpokes from off the beaten track as you've almost certainly heard of Billy the Kid before now, but feel free to share any favourites you might have in the comments below.

Oh, and drink responsibly. That bit's important too.

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