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Watch: Doom multiplayer gameplay rekindles memories of id Software's best

Big Fudging Gameplay.

Id Software practically wrote the book on multiplayer shooters; I loved Quake 2 and Quake 3. That's why I had a big fat smile on my face watching the below closed alpha footage of the new Doom game, because it reminds me of id Software doing what it used to do best.

The gameplay is very Doom; you can literally rip people apart in special melee finishers, and it all looks very crisp and meaty and satisfying. There are some nice twists to look out for such as the invisibility power-up and the demon power-up. The latter makes you a powerful demon with jetpack and twin rocket launchers, but it also makes you a target for the other team. There are Power Weapons as well including a Gauss Cannon that obliterates enemies in one shot, much like a powerful railgun.

Adding to this is the ability to pull yourself onto high-up platforms and to double-jump, it looks like. This means levels like the Heatwave one in the video can be spread over multiple tiers.

It reminds me a lot of Quake, too - the weapons, the Quad Damage, even the level itself.

"Keep in mind," id Software points out in the video, "that this isn't a game demo or even a beta - this is a limited selection of content and functionality: one map, one mode, one demon, and a handful of weapons and equipment." You can read more about the closed alpha specifics on the Doom website.

The closed alpha runs this weekend on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and if you signed up you may get an invite.

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