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Watch Dogs gets new single-player DLC tomorrow on all platforms

Adds three new missions, two weapons and four perks.

Ubisoft's open-world hacking adventure Watch Dogs is getting all new single-player DLC tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The add-on will consist of three single-player missions and will add unlockable weapons, perks and bonuses.

Of the new single-player mission there's The Palace, which tasks protagonist Aiden with infiltrating an internet mogul's headquarters to wipe out certain information prior to a police raid; Signature Shot is about stealing a "Biometrics Rifle" from the Black Viceroys gang and imprinting your genetic code onto it before anyone else can; and Breathrough is about infiltrating a meeting between "Corporate CEOs" and the Chicago South Club and eliminating everyone taking part in this negotiation.

As far as new weapons go, there's the aforementioned Biometrics Rifle - which is a long-range combat weapon with a quick rate of fire - and there's a new burst fire pistol called the Auto-6.

The new perks and bonuses include a Dedsec Battery Boost that adds an additional phone battery, a Blume Weapon Boost that reduces recoil and reload times, a Driving Master Boost that increases your vehicle hit points, and an ATM Hack Boost increases the amount of money you steal when you hack the banking machines.

Season Pass owners already received this new content last week, but for everyone else it will be available for purchase tomorrow.

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