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Watch a snippet of Horizon Forbidden West running on base PS4

'Allo Aloy.

PlayStation has shared a snippet of Horizon Forbidden West running on an old-school base PS4.

By snippet, I really do mean snippet. The footage from PlayStation lasts a breezy 22 seconds and does not show any combat. Rather, it shows Aloy on a fairly sedate Shrine walk.

That is not to say this teaser (am I being too generous calling it that?) is not pretty. It is just hard to see how PlayStation expects this small glimpse of gameplay to quell any misgivings PS4 owners may have about the game's performance on the base console. You can see what you think yourself below.

Sony also recently released footage of Forbidden West running on a PS4 Pro. Unlike the above footage, however, the clip from the PS4 Pro has a bit more going on in it. Aloy actually fires her weapons to bring down some machines in this case, and she also uses her new pullcaster to get herself to higher ground.

But despite these shortcomings, it is nice to see Aloy in her natural habitat again, even in a less fraught situation. The more recent Horizon Forbidden West reveals have made a point of showing off the dangers of the titular West, highlighting the terrifying new machines that Aloy will come across in both the wild and Gladiator-type battle arenas.

So, what does this all mean for PlayStation 4 users? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

As someone who enjoys some moments of "Ahh" as well as moments of "Argh!" during any given playthrough, I am reassured I won't be spending the entirety of Forbidden West perched on the edge of my seat as my knuckles get progressively whiter. But at the same time, I do hope it will give PS4 users a bit more excitement than this small snippet shows.

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