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Watch: 40 minutes of The Elder Scrolls Legends gameplay

Nord too shabby.

I've been playing a bit of The Elder Scrolls Legends this week and I have to say I quite like it. I'm hardly the best at it - I'm still prone to making some pretty basic errors - but I am at least reassured that Legends is a card game with a decent amount of potential.

Of course, whenever a game like this comes along, one is naturally inclined to compare it to that great behemoth Hearthstone. However, while these two games certainly share a lot of DNA, The Elder Scrolls Legends has some very interesting ideas of its own - as well as one or two surprises up its sleeve.

Watch on YouTube

With that in mind, I jumped in to the beta's tutorial mode and played the first eight chapters. You can watch them in the video above, along with some commentary from yours truly about what I'm doing, where I go wrong and why The Elder Scrolls Legends might just be one to watch. Apologies in advance for the state of my voice, however - I lost it over the weekend and it's come back in a bit of a state.

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