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Elder Scrolls: Legends launches PC open beta

Will it draw a crowd?

Pull up a chair, PC players, the open beta for Elder Scrolls: Legends is now available to download.

Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's new collectible card-battler. Well, we say new, it's already been in development and testing for some time.

Now, anyone on PC can take part. Versions for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices are also on the way.

Legends' big point of differentiation is its two lane gameplay and focus on also providing a large single-player campaign. Naturally, multiplayer is also available - against human opponents or AI.

Intrigued? Here's Johnny with 40 minutes of Elder Scrolls: Legends gameplay to whet your appetite:

Cover image for YouTube video40 minutes of The Elder Scrolls Legends gameplay

Johnny's reports back that he "quite likes it. I'm hardly the best at it - I'm still prone to making some pretty basic errors - but I am at least reassured that Legends is a card game with a decent amount of potential".