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WAR was to have 250 classes

Losing four doesn't seem so bad now.

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He's off again. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning creative director Paul Barnett has confessed to Videogaming247 that the game was to have no fewer than 250 careers, or character classes, at launch.

Barnett was explaining that his job has been to restore focus and rein in over-ambition at the Mythic Entertainment development team.

"We went down a terrible path where we had too many careers," Barnett confessed. "We had 250-odd at one point, and we boiled it right back down to 20."

In fact, they cut it down to 24, and then a further four - the Choppa, Hammerer, Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun - were dropped in the recently-announced feature cuts.

We're sure Mythic were just trying to do justice to the Games Workshop licence, but still, 250 careers is insane. Barnett is clearly not quite as mad as he looks.

WAR was confirmed for a September 18th release yesterday. We'll have more hands on impressions from the beta test for you soon.

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