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Visceral's Jack the Ripper for PSN/XBLA?

Analyst report highlights download title.

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Visceral Games' Jack the Ripper game appears to be the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade project mentioned last month.

The news comes via analyst Michael Pachter at Wedbush Morgan, whose latest report on publisher EA includes the following note:

"In its Visceral Games studio, which is located at its headquarters, the company is currently developing Dante's Inferno (just released), Dead Space 2, and Ripper (a new PSN, Xbox Live game)."

EA has previously said that Visceral is working on Jack the Ripper and last month Nick Earl from Visceral said it had PSN/XBLA output on the way.

That was originally rumoured to be an adaptation of the Wii title Dead Space: Extraction and a new game called Planet Cracker, and the wording of Earl's comments and Pachter's doesn't rule those out either.

EA declined to comment on the report.

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