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Vigilante Call of Duty: Warzone player hunts down under-the-map cheaters

Battle royale Batman.

A vigilante Call of Duty: Warzone player has taken it upon themselves to crack down on under-the-map cheaters.

As we reported last week, Call of Duty: Warzone players found a way to get under the new Verdansk '84 map just two days after it came out.

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The existence of the well-known and easy-to-perform glitch means players are being killed by enemies they can't see at a few points of interest on the map, including Stadium and Airport.

But this glitch is also possible on Rebirth Island, the scene of the below clip.

One way players are getting out of bounds is by parking a vehicle in a specific spot on the map, then exiting. For some reason, players then clip through the wall into a place they shouldn't be. Players are then able to escape from under the map by using the vehicle once again, like a door between the two virtual worlds.

So, redditor JuuliusCaesar69 went full Batman on two under-the-map cheaters, having spotted a suspiciously-parked vehicle. JuuliusCaesar69 uses the vehicle to clip into the out-of-bounds area and guns the duo down. JuuliusCaesar69 then uses the vehicle to get back to the map, and drives the vehicle off the cliff to ensure it can't be used to get under the map again during the match. What a boss.

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"Haha I'm not going to lie it felt great," JuuliusCaesar69 said. "When I see that car heading that way I know what's going on. These kids did it immediately off spawn too smh.

"I did what I had to."

JuuliusCaesar69's clip has blown up, with a whopping 22.4k upvotes on Reddit. And it's inspired others to join the anti-under the map cheaters vigilante cause, too.

"Just done this now... Thanks!" posted redditor blobmanhtbd.

"Thank you for helping me exterminate the rats," JuuliusCaesar69 replied.

Others are also offering tips on how to combat these cheaters. If you see vehicles parked suspiciously, for example, blow them up - and you'll trap the cheaters forever.

Warzone developer Raven tweeted last night to say it had been looking into exploitable spots on the map that let players reach areas normally inaccessible, and a fix is coming soon. So hopefully it won't be long before the under-the-map cheaters will be forced to fight fair and square.

Until then, JuuliusCaesar69 is watching...

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