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Video: How exactly does Far Cry 4 differ from the last game?

Everything changes, everything stays the same.

Now that the annualisation of Assassin's Creed isn't quite enough for Ubisoft, which is pushing ahead with two new games in the series this year, is Far Cry the next to be subsumed by the development churn? Far Cry 4's come relatively quickly after Far Cry 3 - which was, of course, brilliant - but there's some small concern it's a quick reskin, especially given the series' appetite for reinvention with previous iterations.

Ian Higton sat down with game director Alex Hutchinson at Gamescom last month to share some of his concerns, and to see exactly where Far Cry 4 is building upon the foundation of its predecessor. Also I've got to the end of an entire article about Far Cry 4 without mentioning the pachyderm in the corner, those big grey things with tusks you can ride around on. Can I have a sweet please?

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