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Video: a first ride on the free-to-play Trials Frontier

Story! Currencies! Touch controls!

Naturally, Ubisoft's taken some flak for putting RedLynx's Trials on mobiles and tablets as a free-to-play game - especially since the skill-based motocross arcade game is a hardcore favourite. Even if you don't hate freemium gaming as a rule, you might be hard-pressed to defend Trials Frontier's use of an energy system that limits how long you can play for if you don't cough up.

The new business model isn't the only change here, though. Trials Frontier brings a storyline to the game for the first time, hand in hand with a cartoon hillbilly makeover - and, of course, touch-screen controls. Some of these innovations are more successful than others. Can you guess which?

You don't need to, really, because Ian's here and talking about all the above in his video preview of a very different Trials game, which nonetheless captures the spirit of the series. Click the mysterious box below to experience the magic of sound and vision.

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