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Ubisoft hails Trials Frontier as a free-to-play success

Downloaded 6m times in a week.

Trials Frontier - the free-to-play mobile spin-off of RedLynx's physics-based bike series - has been downloaded 6m times, Ubisoft has announced.

That impressive figure was achieved in the week after it went live on the App Store on 10th April. Trials Frontier is the number one free app on the App Store in 75 countries, Ubisoft noted.

"We are thrilled with the success Trials Frontier has had in its first week of launch," said Ubisoft Mobile boss Jean-Michel Detoc, who highlighted Trials Frontier's 4.6 out of 5 stars user review score average.

"Trials Frontier has the most first week downloads of any Ubisoft mobile title to date, and the thousands of players reviews we received are amazingly positive, an achievement Redlynx and Ubisoft are proud to announce," Detoc added.

"In order to keep players engaged, we have a robust post-launch content plan including new bikes and multiplayer modes that will allow players to continue exploring and enjoying the world of Trails Frontier."

Like in many free-to-play mobile games, Trials Frontier uses an energy mechanic, in this case fuel. As Eurogamer reviewer Dan Whitehead explained, you use up five of this resource every time you start an event.

"The game thankfully doesn't repeat the charge no matter how many times you restart, so that vital aspect of the Trials experience hasn't been entirely monetised," he wrote in our Trials Frontier review, "but the screws are in place, and they do get tightened."

Trials Fusion is already out for home consoles, with a PC version due out this week.

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