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Vice City Stories Walkthrough: Part 2

Unfinished business.

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We've got unfinished business in Vice City. The second part of our complete solution features more in-depth mission strategies, more hidden secrets and much more Phil Collins. Ladies and gentlemen, let's pop one more time!

Table of Contents

  • Lance Vance - In his push to be one of Vice City's key players, wide-eyed Lance stirs up a world of shit for you to wade through. Most of your time on the second island is spend bailing him out of trouble. You'll usually find him lazing about in his Ocean Beach apartment, talking big but generally doing bugger all.
  • Armando and Diego Mendez - The Mendez brothers are fighting it out with Ricardo Diaz for control of the Vice City drugs trade. You're forced to side with Armando and Diego because you accidentally 'acquired' one of their coke shipments. They're running things from their Prawn Island mansion.
  • Gonzalez - Gonzalez works for Colonel Cortez, a character you'll no doubt remember from the original Vice City. You're introduced to him as Reni's supplier, but you soon discover that he's audaciously skimming off Diaz's drug supply.
  • Reni Wassulmaier - Confused commercial producer Reni has a serious coke habit and is therefore well known by all the main dealers in Vice City. His missions range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and you'll always find him working (it hard) at the film studio on Prawn Island.
  • Ricardo Diaz Diaz is an infamous figure in the Vice City underworld, having built his drug smuggling business into a small empire. With your help he hopes to topple the Mendez brothers and become the city's coke king. He lives in the large mansion on Starfish Island.
  • Secret stuff - Vice City Stories is absolutely packed with unique upgrades, special vehicles and hidden weapons, all of which can be unlocked by completing the various side-missions and odd-jobs.
  • Cheat codes - All the built-in button cheats, except the daft ones which make Vic commit suicide or turn all vehicles brown. If you use the analog stick as the main control method then you must enter the codes using the d-pad.