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GTA: Vice City Stories walkthrough!

The first half of the game tipped.

Don't forget to check out part two later in the week.

Eurogamer has got Vice City Stories covered. We enlightened you with our early preview, informed you with our honest review, and now we guide you through the game with our exclusive walkthrough. In this first part we reveal tried and tested strategies for completing every story mission on the first island. Ladies and gentleman, let's pop!

Table of Contents

  • Sergeant Martinez - Vic's cigar-chomping superior, Sgt Jerry Martinez, likes to serve himself rather than his country. He's into drug running and gun smuggling. And donkey porn (yes, really). Despite his diminutive build he's not someone you'd want to cross. You'll find him based in Fort Baxter - sergeant stripes mark his position in the map.
  • Phil Cassidy - Phil drifts through the GTA series like the smell of his own bootlegged liquor. In Vice City circa 1984 he's working for Martinez while brewing his lethal 'boomshine' drink on the side. He can always be found at his hillbilly gun club down in Viceport - look for the 'P' symbol on the map.
  • Marty Williams - When he's not on the Jerry Stringer show, Marty is running a grubby little business empire from the comfort of his trailer park home. He lives with his long-suffering wife and baby daughter in Little Havana - the 'Mw' symbol marks his location on the map.
  • Louise Cassidy-Williams - Having walked out on Marty, Louise is holed up in her sister's apartment. She initially contacts Vic for a little fun, but things soon turn ugly when the good ol' boys come knocking. She can be found on the main highway in Little Haiti - an 'Lw' symbol marks the spot.
  • Lance Vance - Having ditched Aunt Enid for the bright lights of the big city, Lance is planning to make some real money real fast. As his big brother you need to keep him in line, but its difficult when opportunity and opulence lie around every corner. You'll usually find Lance in his downtown hotel suite, marked with an 'L' symbol.
  • Umberto Robina - Umberto is a Vice City regular who wants to work with you rather than against you. But the Cuban gang leader is naturally cautious so you must show him you have the required balls quota before he'll trust in you. His house is in Little Havana - it's marked with a 'U' symbol.
  • Bryan Forbes - With his white suit and slicked-back hair, Forbes certainly looks like the big player Lance purports him to be. But as you soon find out, something about him doesn't quite add up. When you want to find him, just look for the 'F' symbol on the map.

Top tips and trickery

Vice City Stories adds very little to the classic GTA formula, so strategies that have proved successful in the past will almost certainly work in this latest incarnation. But regardless of your own playing style, here are the top five tips that you should bear in mind at all times.

The car's the star
Most of the missions involve travelling to a location and killing people. Guns come in very handy for this, but the best weapon is very often the vehicle you arrive in. Why risk life and limb when you can simply run enemies over, all to the sound of your favourite radio station?

Stand your ground
Despite improvements, the targeting system is still fairly loose. As a result, the best way to kill groups of enemies is to simply stand in one spot and gun them down one at a time. You'll lose a little health, but it's much easier than trying to find cover and shoot around corners.

Build an empire
Once you have taken over a business it will generate income each and every day. The more you put in the more you get back, so it really does pay to invest some time and effort in developing your businesses. With an empire in place you'll always have cash available to buy weapons and vehicles.

Because you're special
It's a good idea to complete some of the special side missions early on. For example, if you finish the Paramedic missions you'll unlock infinite sprint, while the award for finishing the Vigilante missions is stronger body armour. These abilities come in very useful when playing through the main story missions.

Save slave
You should always save your progress after completing each and every mission, so if you get busted or wasted, you can simply reload your last save rather than having to pay a bribe to get your weapons back.

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