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Vanguard, Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass skins and Operators, including Awoken, Rising Legend 100 rewards

Everything you need to know about the battle pass for Vanguard Season 1.

Vanguard Season 1 brings us a new Battle Pass, with new Operators and skins, as well as a major integration to Warzone.

Travelling up the Battle Pass ranks will allow you to unlock new weapon blueprints, COD points and, at Tier 100, the Awoken skin for Francis.

Below you'll find all the new skins and Operators for the Vanguard Season 1 Battle Pass, along with which tiers each one unlocks at.

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Vanguard: Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass skins and Operators

Below you'll find all of the new Operators and skins which can be unlocked by progressing through the Vanguard: Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass.

Upon purchasing the Battle Pass with COD points, you'll receive several skins, including a bundle bonus skin. Other new skins and operators can be gradually unlocked by progressing through the pass.

Battleprepped (Polina skin) - A bonus skin that comes as part of the Battle Pass Bundle

Kingdom (Francis skin) - Instant reward for purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass

Alleyway (Arthur skin) - Instant reward for purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass

Desert Cover (Halima skin) - Tier 10 Battle Pass reward

Konara (Shigenori skin) - Tier 20 Battle Pass reward

Split Attack (Padmavati skin) - Tier 30 Battle Pass reward

Ground Cover (Daniel skin) - Tier 40 Battle Pass reward

Urbane (Constanze skin) - Tier 50 Battle Pass reward

Spruce (Roland skin) - Tier 60 Battle Pass reward

Guardian Slayer (Solange skin) - Tier 70 Battle Pass reward

Dapper Denim (Lucas skin) - Tier 80 Battle Pass reward

Rising Legend (Polina skin) - Tier 90 Battle Pass reward

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Vanguard: Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 100 rewards

Here are the rewards you'll earn by reaching Tier 100 of the Vanguard: Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass:

Awoken (Francis skin)

Harvester (Assault Rifle India blueprint)

Hellraiser (Player Title)

Exiler (Emblem)

Firebreather (Charm)

Best of luck reaching to Tier 100 of the Battle Pass!

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