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Valheim Tar location: How to get Tar to craft Darkwood items in Valheim

How to get your hands on the new Hearth and Home additions.

Valheim's Tar is one of the new items introduced in September 2021's Hearth and Home update.

As well as introducing several changes, like rebalanced combat and food systems, there are additions such as home cooking stations, new weapons, furniture and items.

One of the newly introduced materials, the Tar is a substance you can use to craft several new furniture items, such as Darkwood doors and ornaments.

Tar is a late game item which may require some time to reach - but the resulting .

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Valheim Tar location: How to get Tar in Valheim

To find Tar in Valheim, make sure you have the Hearth and Home update, then traverse all the way to the Plains biome, which will require a fair amount of play time.

To obtain Tar, you need to go to an unexplored area of Plains biome, with emphasis in unexplored. Not a single Tar spawn location will show up in an already discovered Plains area, so don't waste your time going to known places in your map.

Gameplay of us fighting of Growth enemies to source Tar in Valheim.Watch on YouTube

When you arrive at a Tar Pit, chances are that you have to face several Growth enemies, a new type of enemy that can throw Tar at you, slowing and poisoning you down.

Equip yourself as best as you can and be fast killing them, preferably from a safe distance using a bow, since Growth can be very bothersome if you don't tread carefully.

What Tar is used for in Valheim, including Darkwood, explained

Once that's sorted and you obtain enough Tar, you can head back and work on your new building and furniture items, such as the Darkwood gate, Darkwood arch, Hot Tub, or several different Adornments.

These new items sport a black wood aspect that will look very cool in any settlement or building, and the full list of recipes involving Tar goes as follows:

  • Darkwood Gate
  • Darkwood Pole 2m
  • Darkwood Pole 4m
  • Darkwood Beam 2m
  • Darkwood Beam 4m
  • Carved Darkwood Divider
  • Darkwood Arch
  • Darkwood Chair
  • Shingle Roof 26°
  • Shingle Roof Ridge 26°
  • Shingle Roof O-Corner 26°
  • Shingle Roof I-Corner 26°
  • Shingle Roof 45°
  • Shingle Roof Ridge 45°
  • Shingle Roof O-Corner 45°
  • Shingle Roof I-Corner 45°
  • Raven Adornment
  • Wolf Adornment
  • Black Metal Chest
  • Round Table
  • Long Heavy Table
  • Hot Tub

And that's it! Hope you enjoy the newest Valheim content, and good luck!

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