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Valheim Obliterator: How to craft and Obliterator and get Thunder Stone in Valheim explained

How to get your hands on the new Hearth and Home additions.

Valheim's Obliterator is one of the new items introduced in September 2021's Hearth and Home update.

As well as introducing several changes, like rebalanced combat and food systems, there are additions such as home cooking stations, new weapons, furniture and items, such as the Thunder Stone.

The Obliterator addresses a long requested feature - the ability to delete items - and is likely one of the first things you'll want to craft after installing the update.

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Valheim's Obliterator explained

From the very beginning, Valheim players had item hoarding problems due to the game's inability to destroy certain items, resulting in rooms full of chests holding trash and unwanted drops that otherwise would lay on the floor.

Cover image for YouTube videoUsing an Obliterator in Valehim
Gameplay of the Obliterator in use in Valheim.

With the latest content bringing a new tool called Obliterator, those times are long forgotten.

The Obliterator acts as a magical garbage disposal machine, you can put anything inside it, pull the lever, and it will get blaster by Thor's thunder, leaving only Coal as remains of what once were your items.

Since Coal is necessary for Forges and Smelters to operate, this is really useful both to dispose of trash and also to farm fuel.

To use the Obliterator, you need to load it with all the items you want to discard, and then pull the lever at one of the sides of the machine. Take a few steps back to not get pushed back by the incoming thunder, and you should be rewarded with a useful pile of coal waiting inside it.

How to craft the Obliterator in Valheim

First, make sure you have the Hearth and Home update, from which the Obliterator was introduced into the game.

Crafting the Obliterator requires for you to have advanced deeper into Valheim, since you need to at least be able to enter the Burial Crypts in the Swamp biome. The full recipe for this machine goes as follows:

  • A Forge
  • Iron x8
  • Copper x4
  • Thunder Stone x1

For seasoned players, most of these items should be recognisable. We have a dedicated iron page to help there - but in short, you need to have access to the Swamp biome, and mine it from Muddy Scrap Piles - and as for Copper, that's obtained by putting Copper Ores (found in the Black Forest biome) in the Smelter.

However, something new is the Thunder Stone. So how do you get one of those?

How to get a Thunder Stone in Valheim

A Thunder Stone can be bought from Haldor, a trader NPC that can be found randomly in the Black Forest biome, for 50 coins

If you need to get Coins, those can be found in many Chests across the world, or sitting inside Burial Chambers.

Once you have the needed materials, head to any Forge to craft your Obliterator, and voila! You can now get rid of your unwanted items.