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US to get 60GB Xbox 360 hard drive

Plus HD Netflix video streaming.

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Microsoft is to launch a new standalone hard drive bundle for Xbox 360 in the US.

For USD 100 (about 60 quid), purchasers will get a 60GB hard disk drive, a three-month Gold subscription to Xbox Live, a headset and an ethernet cable.

A standalone 120GB hard drive is already available in both the US and Europe. There's no word yet on whether the 60GB model will make it here too.

More good news for Americans, though - the New Xbox Experience update, due on 19th November, will let them stream Netflix videos in high definition. Providing they have a high-speed internet connection with 8 - 10 Mbps of bandwidth, that is.

Netflix, of course, is the movie rental service that allows subscribers to order films via their Xbox 360. As yet there's no equivalent service available in Europe - just the Xbox Live Video Store, which has a somewhat limited selection of movies available. Still - Miss Congeniality.

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