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Untitled Goose Game beaten in under four minutes by speedrunner

Fowl and furious.

Untitled Goose Game isn't a particularly long game - a normal playthrough should take around three hours to complete - but a speedrunner has managed to cut that down to just over three minutes.

French speedrunner Seijouf is currently the reigning champion at being the fastest horrible goose by blasting through the game in just three minutes and 46 seconds.

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In Seijouf's Any% run, he uses his un-goosely powers to glitch his way through gates and fences; utilising stealth, speed and exploits to complete the objectives he needs to, rather than pissing off too many residents of the village. Which sort of defeats the object of the game - but then again, speedrunners do tend to make their own objectives.

This sort of time would be impressive enough on its own, but considering the game came out just four days ago, Seij has clearly put in a lot of work to discover all the honking glitches that allowed him to claim his victory.

The winning time came just after another speedrunner managed to finish the game in under seven minutes, and with the speedrunning community just getting started, it might not be long until a faster goose is crowned.

If you'd like to try causing mayhem as fast as you can in Untitled Goose Game, it's out now for PC and Switch. Martin Robinson seems to think it's an excellent portrayal of how geese can be utter dicks.

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