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Undertale music played at the Pope's latest audience

Sans sarcasm.

Who knew Pope Francis was a fan of Undertale?

The Pope this week continued his weekly General Audiences in the Paul VI Audience Hall of The Vatican, albeit now with a socially distanced audience. There he sat on a throne in front of an elaborate wooden sculpture like a Final Fantasy boss for an hour long service.

In the middle of it all, though, was a circus act who performed to the song "Megalovania" from Undertale.

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Composed by the game's creator Toby Fox, Megalovania has appeared in multiple instances but is best known as the final boss battle music against Sans.

Here, though, it was used as part of a circus act that included jugglers, a bell and bottle player, a clown playing the saw, a unicyclist, gymnasts, and a woman balancing a tube on her feet.

It's an impressive display and the Pope certainly seemed to agree as he gleefully smiled and clapped along. But what a bizarre way to start the year.

Then again, YouTuber MatPat gave the Pope a copy of Undertale back in 2016 (thanks Polygon), so perhaps he really is a gamer after all.