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You can now listen to Undertale creator's Deltarune Chapter 1 soundtrack

Go with the flowey.

Ask any Undertale fan what they love most about the game and chances are they'll name the soundtrack. The original music was composed by creator Toby Fox, and received a great deal of praise for its clever use of leitmotifs (recurring themes) to represent each of the main characters. Like 8-bit Wagner, really.

Now it seems Undertale fans will have some more synthy strains to listen to, as the soundtrack for the new Undertale game Deltarune has been released for $7 (£5.38) on bandcamp.

A whopping 40 tracks are included in the Deltarune album. The music ranges from chirpy piano-funk riffs like "Rude Buster" to ambient (and very creepy) tracks such as "Cliffs". I feel like Fox really missed a trick here in not calling it Deltatunes.

If you're wondering what the hell is going on, you may want to read up yesterday's dramatic events. After a series of tweets building up to something big happening, the official Undertale Twitter account shared a mysterious website called Deltarune. Those who followed the link found a download for an ominous-sounding "survey program," which turned out to actually be an entire chapter for the next Undertale game - all for free. What an elaborate way to announce a new game.

The Undertale sequel is called Deltarune (if you hadn't figured it out already) and players have reported the chapter takes about two to three hours to complete. There's no news yet on exactly when the rest of the game will be released - but for now, fans are just pretty pleased they got a brand new game. Sort of.

It's also worth noting that some players reported issues with the Deltarune uninstaller, which can accidentally delete files placed within the same folder. Fox has advised to avoid using the uninstaller for now - guess I'm keeping this game forever.