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UK Killzone 3 Helghast Edition pricing

Costs much more than in the US.

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HMV has snagged the UK Helghast Special Edition of Killzone 3, and is asking a whopping (and awkward) £112.33 for it.

That compares unfavourably to the United States of America, where the same edition costs $129.99, or around £84.

Why does it cost so much anyway? Because the Helghast Edition comes in a replica Helghast helmet. Plus, there's a 6.5-inch Cloaking Helghast Marksman figurine to, er, look at.

The Helghast Edition also contains the same Super Voucher found inside the more reasonable Collector's Edition of Killzone 3.

This Super Voucher grants the Killzone 3 soundtrack, PlayStation 3 theme, Retro Map Pack, double XP for the first day of Killzone 3 multiplayer action and full access to all weaponry and abilities during the same period.

There's also an art book and mandatory behind-the-scenes Making Of video to watch.

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