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Ubisoft's working on an "AAA Next-Gen Online RPG"

Eh, eh, eh?

I bet publishers love LinkedIn. This time an employee of Ubisoft Massive in Sweden - key studio involved in making Far Cry 3 - has blabbed about working on an "AAA Next-Gen Online RPG" (spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle).

Massive entertainment!

Next-gen was a phrase bandied about for years to describe current gen projects because it made them sound a bit flashier. But now we're so close to next-gen machinery what else can he mean? He also lists the project as starting in October 2012 and its contents as "top secret", which all tallies with an actual next-gen project.

Massive Entertainment lists the same project on its website, albeit without the "next-gen" bit. There the project is known as "Online RPG", according to a lead level designer job vacancy.

"Massive is looking for an experienced Lead Level Designer to join an international team working on a AAA Online RPG," the post advertises. "In this position you will lead a Level Design team in building the best gameplay experiences ever conceived. For any game. Ever."

Experience making third-person action games is asked for but no specific MMO experience is required. "Experience working on an online multiplayer, co-operative or open-world game project" is a bonus. Sounds like this Online RPG is less an MMO and more of an evolution of Assassin's Creed multiplayer or something like that.

There's no mention of platforms.

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