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Ubisoft suspends 1300 Rainbow Six Siege cheaters in a week

War on terror.

Ubisoft suspended 1300 Rainbow Six Siege players it found were boosted by cheaters - in a week.

The company has stepped up its war on Rainbow Six Siege cheating in recent months, and announced it patched a vulnerability used by a large number of cheat creators. This, Ubisoft said in a blog post, rendered a large number of cheats defunct.

Ubisoft also deployed a fix to prevent cheaters from planting the Defuser anywhere on the map.

Cheating is one of the biggest problems facing Rainbow Six Siege, which is one of the most popular competitive multiplayer games around.

Ubisoft said it had suspended the 1300 players found to have been boosted by cheaters for 15 days, "which many in the community feel is not harsh enough".

The company insisted all those suspended will have their rank and rewards removed prior to the launch of season three as an added punishment.

"We want to stress that we do not view the sanctioning of boosted players as a solution to the issue," Ubisoft said. "It was a stop-gap while we work on the solution, which is adjusting MMR gains/losses for all players in a match with a cheater." (MMR stands for Match Making Rating, and is used to determine the skill level of players).

Meanwhile, Ubisoft plans to force all PC players to enable Two Step Verification in order to play Ranked in Rainbow Six Siege. This will be implemented during season three via a patch, Ubisoft said.

Rainbow Six Siege also has an issue with toxicity. Earlier this month Ubisoft began auto-banning players who use hate speech - although some are using that to their advantage.