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Ubisoft's fancy pants Watch Dogs E3 CGI trailer leaks ahead of press conference


Ubisoft's fancy pants Watch Dogs E3 trailer has leaked onto the internet ahead of the company's press conference.

The impressive CGI trailer, below, depicts a mission in the open world action game, and sees hacker Aiden Pearce infiltrate a high class club in order to expose a human trafficker.

It's not long before the action kicks in, with Pearce showing off his hand to hand combat skills against multiple goons. There's also a bit where he hacks into the Matrix to turn the building's sprinkler system on, which is obviously ripped off from Hackers. Pearce beats up some cops, too, after turning off the city's lights.

We spotted the trailer on Vimeo, uploaded by Aiden Pearce himself. Pesky chap! Watch Dogs is due out later this year for PC and all consoles.

WD-E3-CGI-Trailer-UPlay-EXP 480 from Aiden Pearce on Vimeo.