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Ubisoft to spend next three months fixing Rainbow Six Siege's tech issues

Ditches a year two season to do it.

Ubisoft has said it will spend the next three months working on fixing Rainbow Six Siege's tech issues amid growing unrest from its community of players.

Players of the popular multiplayer shooter have for some time now complained about matchmaking and server issues, as well as problems with hit registration.

Now, Ubisoft has reworked its Siege year two roadmap to slot in a dedicated three month period it says is all about fixing several issues and investing in better technology.

To do this, Ubisoft has pushed back its season set in Hong Kong, which will now be released in August as part of season three. South Korea will be released in November as part of season four. Poland no longer has a dedicated season, and GROM Operators will be released at the start of season three and four.

This also means Ubisoft has reduced the number of new maps to three this year, including the already released map set in Spain. The image, below, details the year two roadmap:

That's a pretty drastic roadmap change, so what will Operation Health actually involve? Ubisoft said it will add one-step matchmaking, which should make for a faster flow. There's plans for a dedicated voice and party system, with less errors and more reliability. And there's word of faster servers, with higher tick rates and improved hit registration.

The news has been welcomed by Siege players, but as most point out, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Now that Ubisoft has turned fixing Siege into an event, the pressure's on to make the next three months count.

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