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Ubisoft outlines plan for future of Rainbow Six Siege

Attack plan.

Ubisoft has outlined the future of Rainbow Six Siege as the competitive multiplayer shooter enters its sixth year.

The company said Siege, which has over 70 million registered players, is getting significant core gameplay changes over the course of this year, as well as new tools to encourage positive behaviour. The video below goes into detail on all the changes:

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Year six kicks off with its first season, dubbed Crimson Heist. This brings the Argentinian attacker Flores and the rework of the map Border. Season two introduces an operator from the Nakoda Nations and a rework of the map Favela. Season three adds operators from Croatia, and slight reworks to three maps. The last operator of the year is from Ireland, and Outback will be reworked.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has put a focus on player behaviour. The reputation system tool, which rewards positive players with in-game content while punishing toxicity by limiting access to ranked playlists, will be made transparent so players can see how to increase their scores by adapting their behaviour.

A streamer mode has been designed for streamers to control their anonymity while playing. This tool lets them hide their name, region and ping, hide everyone else in the match, include a hidden matchmaking delay, and hide their current clearance level and profile image.

A raft of gameplay updates are planned. A new secondary weapon, the Gonne-6, is set for the game. Players will be able to control cameras and gadgets after their death. Attackers will have the chance to change their operators and loadout as many times as they want in the preparation phase. And armour will be switched to health, so players have a better understanding of how much damage they can take.

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Ubisoft is also taking continued action on DDoS attacks, which it said were down by 90 per cent this year. The technical team is working with Microsoft Azure to keep reducing matchmaking time and to improve server stability. And Ubisoft is trying to reduce the game size in general.

Moving onto skins, there are a raft of eye-catching plans in the works. Ubisoft is working with Capcom to bring an elite skin of Resident Evil's Jill Valentine for Zofia. Another Resident Evil skin is planned for the year.

And Ubisoft has partnered with creative director Ikumi Nakamura for a series of skins, starting with Echo and Dokkaebi releasing on 2nd March. Nakamura is known for her work on Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within - as well as her memorable E3 2019 appearance.

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